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10th August 2007

RegexPal: JavaScript Regular Expression Tester

Nice little syntax highlighted tool for creating your regexp

Tags: javascript, regex

8th August 2007

Widsense - Adsense Widget for Apple Dashboard

Display adsense stats in dashboard.

Tags: adsense, dashboard

7th August 2007

The easiest way to create and share an interactive floor plan of your room, house or office (they need to drop that last e and be "proper" web2.0)

Tags: design, floorplan, home

7th August 2007

Cacheability Engine

To help you understand how Web Caches will treat a Web page, the Cacheability Engine will look at a URL (and optionally any images or objects associated with it), giving both specific cache-related data about it, and a general commentary on how cacheable

Tags: cache, http

6th August 2007

Visor Terminal

systemwide Terminal from the Quicksilver folks

Tags: osx, terminal

3rd August 2007

Noodlesoft: Hazel

Software for automatic cleanup

Tags: osx

30th July 2007

Building a Django Middleware for Google Analytics

Good description of building Django middleware

Tags: analytics, django

James Turnbull elsewhere: LinkedIn, Facebook, Django People

James Turnbull is a web developer from Edinburgh and living in Oxford. This website is a link-dump of things he found online.

James is New Media Director at digital healthcare agency Incuna and developed the popular Google Earth "things-to-see" website, Google Sightseeing. You can buy the spin-off book Not in the Guide Book at all good bookshops.

Posts from Google Sightseeing

Mmmm! Muscles!

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
Posted on 18th April 2014

Google Underwater View

The latest frontier for Google’s Street View technology is underwater. Cameras have visited quite a number of popular diving and snorkelling locations, giving us spectacular imagery of sea life and coral reefs. Today we’re taking a&#8230;
Posted on 17th April 2014

Airship Hangars Around The World

From the late 19th century to the period between the World Wars, hundreds of airship hangars were built in Western Europe and the USA to house the massive lighter-than-air craft. Today, only a handful of these&#8230;
Posted on 10th April 2014

This guy just won the “most times appearing on Streetview” award

<img src=",-73.691261&fov=40&heading=59.17142580019399&pitch=-9.5610766246363&sensor=false" />
Posted on 3rd April 2014